miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

SARK-110: New firmware release 0.7.4

A new SARK-110 firmware is available in the Firmware area, and includes some enhancements and bug fixes.
One of the most important enhancements is the implementation of a computer control mode through USB custom HID mode, in addition to the existing mass storage functionality. This feature will be used by a client software for Windows PC that it is currently in development.
Besides, the interface specification and basic interface source code, is available at Commands Interface (Beta) to facilitate the integration with client software from third parties.
Regarding the basic measurement features, there are further improvements in the implementation of the OSL calibration algorithm and corrections in the Cable Test Mode, mainly in the presentation of the Step response. In addition, there are some slight changes to the impedance ranges for the Low scale.
It has been added a VSWR audio feedback to the Single Frequency mode. When activated, the analyzer produces beeps of different duration as indication of the VSWR. The audio is produced only for VSWR values between 1.0 and 10.0, and the duration is shorter for the lower values.
Finally there are some enhancements such as new frequency presets, the capability to change the SWR circle in the Smith Chart, and minor changes to the user interface.

The User Manual has been updated for this new firmware release. The new document is available in the Documents area.

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