domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

SARK Plots for SARK-110 preview available

The SARK-110 can be connected to the PC USB port and it is accessible as a mass storage device for functionalities such as for updating the firmware of the device or for the upload of the measurements to the AC6LA ZPlots program for post analysis.

Starting from firmware release v0.7.4 the SARK-110 implements a composite USB device class including the former mass storage class plus a custom USB HID class allowing the remote control of the device. The specification of the HID interface is public and available at Commands Interface (Beta) for anyone wishing to develop its own client software for any of the major OS's.

The SARK Plots is a client application for the SARK-110 for the Windows operating system. This application is aimed to augment the capabilites of the device when a PC is available, for instance when operating it at the shack.

The software is still in development but a preview is available in the SARK Plots section. This preview is functional but there are some program features that are not yet functional and this program has not been extensively tested. The software will be updated periodically so please check for updates.

The SARK Plots provides equivalent features as the available in the device firmware such as Scalar Chart, Polar Chart (similar to the Smith Chart) and the Time Domain Reflectometer mode for cable testing.

The software provides features such as cursor, markers, user defined or automatic ranges, etc. In addition it will be provided advanced features as transmission line measurements, and adding or substracting transmission lines.

The following screenshots show the functionalities of this program:

Scalar Chart

Polar Chart

Time Domain Reflectometer

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