martes, 2 de julio de 2013

SARK-110 Firmware beta 0.8.0: Add/substract TL feature

The first firmware beta drop for the upcoming 0.8.0 release version is available in the Beta section.
This first drop adds the capability to add (transpose to input) or substract (transpose to load) a transmission line. This is exactly the same feature as the implemented in the SARK Plots client program.
There are other planned features for this new release so stay tuned!

SARK110: New firmware release 0.7.5

The new SARK-110 firmware release 0.7.5 is available in the Firmware area.

This release includes very little changes, basically improvements in the management of the Z0 setting and some changes to the filter functionality.

There is a new release in preparation including the capability to add and substract transmission lines. I expect that a first beta will be available by early to mid July.