sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

SARK-110: New firmware beta v0.8.3.1 available

There is a new Beta v0.8.3.1 version available in the Beta 0.8.3.x area.
Main changes for this release are the ability to select up to five OSL calibration profiles and the self-timed save feature.
The calibration profiles feature will be convenient for users that have different test port adapters. One profile can be assigned for each test port adapter so it will not be necessary calibrating when changing the adaptor.
The self-timed save feature works as the cameras self-timer feature and allows the automatic saving of a measurement after an user defined delay.
This release also includes other minor enhancements such as the display of the raw voltage and current detector values during Detector Calibration, which can be useful for diagnosis. Besides it includes the screen rotation implemented in the previous release.
Many thanks to users that have suggested most of the changes of this release.

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