viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

SARK-110: New firmware beta v0.8.3.10 available

There is a new firmware update available in the Beta 0.8.3.x area.

This release includes several enhancements to the OSL calibration feature. The main improvement is that it has been added the possibility of specifying the frequency range for the calibration. This feature allows compensating the effect of longer transmission lines when specifying a shorter frequency range.

In addition, it has been increased the number of calibration points to 400, the number of profiles to 8, and now it displays the information of the profiles.

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  1. what happened to your website ??
    73 John VE3NFK

  2. There was a problem with the renewal of the domain. Hopefully it is fixed soon.

    In the mean time the site is accessible from the following URL:

    73 Melchor EA4FRB