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SARK-110: New firmware beta v0.8.3.13 available

This firmware update introduces another advanced analysis feature, which is the measurement of transmission line parameters. The new version is available in the Beta 0.8.3.x area and contains some other minor fixes and enhancements.

This feature allows you to automatically measure different parameters having to do with transmission lines, namely:
  • The line's characteristic impedance (Z0)
  • The true velocity factor
  • The matched line loss in terms of dB over the total line length and in dB/100m
The procedure for the measurement is the following:
Step 1.
Perform OSL calibration

Step 2.
Select Single Frequency mode: «Mode» «Single Frequency»

Step 3.
Select «CModel» in the main menu

Step 4.
Select «Transmission Line» in the submenu (Figure 1)

Step 5.
Enter the start frequency (Figure 2)

Step 6.
Enter the stop frequency (Figure 3)

Step 7.
Enter the line length (Figure 4)

Step 8.
Connect the transmission line terminated with an open circuit and press
Select [■] to continue (Figure 5)

Step 9.
Connect the transmission line terminated with an short circuit and press
Select [■] to continue (Figure 6)

Step 10.
After some seconds the results are shown on the screen (Figure 7). It is convenient saving the screen by selecting [●]

try to keep the electrical length of the line exactly the same between the open and short termination conditions, as much as possible. Ideally you would terminate the line with the same standards that were used to do the Open Short calibration.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7

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